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Dear Affiliate Marketer,

Welcome to DIY Home Energy affiliate help page! If you’re looking to promote the highest converting, highest quality, and largest average $/sale alternative energy product on Clickbank – you’ve come to the right place!

Our product strives for two things that are very important to us:

  1. Proving an excellent product that our customers love.
  2. Proving a fantastic offer for our affiliates to promote that converts extremely well and makes them the most $/hop possible.

Why Promote Us?

  • Earn up to $148.50 per sale
  • $2+ EPC (earnings per click)
  • 65.9% upsell conversion rate (95% effective rate!)
  • We use follow-up emails that use YOUR affiliate ID to get you the sale if the customer does not buy at first (earn up to 31% more with this method)!
  • Ultra high conversions on any type of traffic (10%+)
  • Constant split testing/optimization
  • Refunds below 2%! (Customers love our product)
  • Make 75% commissions for ALL products

How To Get Started...

All you have to do to get started is sign up as an affiliate at Clickbank if you're not already (*sign up here: and then start using your affiliate link to promote DIY Home Energy.

Commissions and sales will all be automatically tracked and paid by Clickbank.


Our Clickbank Vendor ID is: diyhomeene

So your affiliate link should be set-up like this:

(*replace YourAffiliateID with your Clickbank ID)

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7 Reasons to promote the DIY Home
Energy System as an affiliate:

(1) Best Conversion Rates! (10%+)

Our product has been converting incredibly well for all type of traffic – especially targeted email lists promotions and through targeted media buys. We originally split test 15 different sales videos to arrive at the highly converting sales video we have today – and we continue to split test our sales page, headlines, and sales videos to ensure you make the best conversion rates possible, the highest EPC, and the most $ per hop. (2) $2+ EPC (earnings per click)

We have extensively tested and optimized our sales videos, upsell sales funnel, and price points. Because of this many of our affiliates are having EPC (earnings per click) of over $2. Some affiliates are even averaging up near $4 from targeted traffic!

(3) Highest Potential Affiliate Payout (up to $148.50/sale)

After a customer purchased our main product they are offered a range of 1-click upsells/downsells. If a customer purchases all 3 upsells YOU can make up to $148.50 in commissions. That's the highest in the industry!

(4) Highest avg $/sale ($59-$64/sale)

Our affiliates average making the highest $/sale in the industry! One look at our avg $/sale figure (currently between $59-$64/sale) and you’ll see why this is true! We have endlessly tested and optimized our price points, sales funnels, sales process, and upsell sales funnel to create the highest paying product in our niche!

(5) Lowest Refunds (Customers Love Our Product and refunds are below 2%)!

We have a refund rate below 2% right now because our product is extremely high quality and it was created by a team of alternative energy experts over a period of 2+ years. And after a customer purchases our product, we strive for absolute customer satisfaction by delivering an incredible product that over-delivers value to the customer. It includes 3+ hours of original video footage and many supplementary guides/reports/resources /etc. We also have a full time highly trained and friendly support team that provides each and every customer with personalized support. Because our refund rates are so low (below 2%!) …that means the people you refer to us will be happy you told them about our product (and you will keep the money you make)!

(6) 65.9% of customers purchase at least 1 upsell! But many purchase more than 1 upsell giving us an "effective upsell rate" of 95.7%!

After a customer purchases our main product they are then offered 3 upsells (and possibly 2 downsells) for complimentary products they can add-on to their order. These are all 1-click upsells tracked by Clickbank and if a customer buys any or all of these …you make 75% commissions for these sales too (which allows you to earn up to $148.50 per sale)! 65.9% of our customers purchase at least one upsell on average! But many customers purchase more than 1 upsell and our "effective upsell rate" is 95.7%! Our team of alternative energy experts spent a great deal of time focusing on creating high quality upsell products …and our marketing team focused on making sure these upsells convert extremely well after a customer purchases our main product. We continue to split test and optimize the upsells flow/sales messages to make sure you are getting the highest EPC (earnings per click) and most $/sale possible ...but currently our upsells are converting at over 65.9%!

(7) Individual partner support for our Affiliates/JVs

We know that we need you to succeed. And we know the more money you make and the happy you are the more we will also succeed. So we will go out of our way to make sure this is the most profitable affiliate program you have ever joined. If there is anything you need, simply ask us. We can do it!

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